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Forum Rules
General Rules
What's not allowed:
  • Pornographic material or links to it
  • Rascist remarks or links to
  • Homophobic remarks or links to
  • Shocking material (for instance 'faces of death')
  • Warez and MP3 requests
  • Opening a topic to promote your website
  • Nonsense messages
  • Swearing or cursing
  • Spaming/abuse of any other member via E-mail or Private Messages
  • Stay on-topic
  • No spamming or cross posting
  • Prevent flamewars or use
  • Use an instant messenger to fight out personal vendetta's
  • Private messages and mails should stay private
  • Respect your fellow-poster
  • No slow-chatting. This is a messageboard and not a chatboard
About MP3's and stuff:

There has been a lot of discussion on this forum related to questions where to download mp3? We would like to make it clear that EuroDanceHits.com does NOT endorse violation of copyright. Having said that we are realistic, and downloading of a sampler of new track to see if one likes it or not (to make the decision to purchase is from various sources) is okay.

Downloading new stuff unconsciously without considering the consequences for the artists, producers and writers that make dance music is plain stupid and does not deserve any respect. Sooner or later such behaviour will kill the dance scene (this is already happening trust us !). It's okay to discuss mp3's or download programs, but whenever someone posts a direct MP3-downloadlink or a link/address to a MP3-downloadpage, it will be removed immediately.

But what's most important:

Respect (the opinion of) your fellow-boardmember, whatever happens. This means that you do NOT harass, bother, threaten, embarrass other members NOR do you expose them to any other kind of unwanted behaviour. Do not speak evil of other people or attack them on their race, believe, sexual orientation or heritage. Spelling mistakes are sometimes annoying, but do not try to correct them all the time. We also understand that for many of you English is not native language. When you have a disagreement with someone, try to stay on-topic and do not attack the other person... in other words... Play the ball and not the person.

What happens when you get out of line?

It depends on the kind of violation you have committed. First of all we will give you a warning. When it happens again we will consider to revoke your posting-rights. In this case we will send you an e-mail, where we will give you the reason of our decision. In time we will discuss the possibility of reinstating you... but this is not a guarantee that you will be reinstated!

Are these rules really necessary?

YES !!! They are really necessary to keep the EuroDanceHits.com Forums nice and friendly. When you don't agree with us, then don't open a special topic, but discuss it with us through E-mail or Private Message!

Have fun and enjoy the EuroDanceHits.com Discussion Forums!

For breaking above rules you will be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the EURODANCEHITS.COM DISCUSSION FORUMS rules.