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    January '09
    Euromix (Razormaidmania Medley) by EuroBEAT

    MAJOR T. - Keep The Frequency Clear
    ODYSSEY - Riding On A Train
    CULTURE TRANCE - Cosmica
    GOD'S GROOVE - Voices In The Sky
    MATA-HARI - Spy In The Name Of Love
    MR. PRESIDENT - Up "N" Way
    SILVER POZZOLI - Don't Forget Me
    JAM & SPOON - Right In The Night

    February '09
    Euromix by DJ INVADER (Special X Mix)

    X-Perience - Circles Of Love (Thistles And Thorn - Special Release)
    X-Pander - Touch My Love (Infinity Mix)
    X-CITE feat DENSKI - It Takes You (Club Mix)
    X-Kameron - Why Don't You Want My Love (Serious World Mix)
    X-TEND - I Don't care (Extended Version)
    X-13 feat Christabel - You've Got to Move (Part 1)
    X-Fade - Here We Are (Club Mix)
    X-Pression - Come On (Single Club Mix)
    X-Fade - Dance (Extended Mix)
    X-Sample - Goin' On (Hard Mix)
    X-Ite - Down Down Down (Club Mix)
    X-Ander- Achtung...Tanzen!

    March '09
    Euromix by DJ EUROTRAXX

    That's NRG - All Nite 2Nite
    Hypn-O-Matic - Sexy Feeling
    Villiano - Make You
    Order 2 Dance - Turn Me Again
    Vivian - Angels & Devils
    Jill - Game
    Made 2 Fade - Love Explosion
    Spotlight - You Can Dance
    Manpea - Shocked By The Rhythm
    Jaya - Falling In Love With You

    April '09
    Euromix by DJ INVADER (Euro Latino Mix - part 3)

    Paris - Mi Ni?a Veneno
    La Bocana - A Gozar todo el mundo (Remix)
    Fey - Bajo el arco iris.
    2 Unlimited - Faces (Spanish Edit)
    2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance (Spanish Edit Version)
    Femminuccie - Bambolina (Jet Power Mix)
    La Bouche - Sweet Dreams (Espa?ol Version)
    Nikita - Eterna Divina (Molta Violenza Mix)
    Allekirjoittanut - Ei Pysty Joraan
    Estrategia - Me quedare solo
    Asap - La Noche Es Mia
    Nex O - Que Te Pego Leche
    Scrapper - El Ritmo
    Change - Fue Horrible
    Laura - La Soledad (Remix)
    Paco Pil - Viva La Fiesta (Te Quiero Valencia Mix)
    La Siguiente P?gina - Outher Space
    Coleman - Por Amarte (Club Version)
    Factor X - La Tacha
    New Limit - In The Dark (Espa?ol Version)
    Division Barcelona - Vamos Que Nos Vamos
    2 Unlimited - Jump For Joy (Spanish Version)

    May '09
    Euromix by DJ INVADER

    Cook - Something Special
    Georgia Williams - Keep It Up
    Happiness - Love
    7 Seas - Dolphin Love
    Phase Generator - Suicide
    Zero PH - For Your Love
    D.J.B. - Here Comes The Hotstepper
    Double Dare - I Believe
    LaCurva - Para Siempre

    June '09
    Euromix (Italo-Dance Medley - part 1) by EuroBEAT

    Kenny May Feat.Stefy - Tu Sei Per Me (Onlyver Dj Rmx)
    DJ E-Maxx feat Henric P. - Make Me Cry (Flexter Italo Mix)
    ClubMasters Feat Jenny - Darling I Love You (DJ Schwede Remix)
    Antares - Ride On A Meteorite (Dj Phillip 2008 Remix)
    DJ Diego Mix - Summer Lovin (Italo Mix 2008)
    Fun Groove - Szemtelen (The Louderz Italo Pump Mix)
    Danijay - Encanto (EviLFaBLe Euro Vocal Mix)
    Akon - Smack That22 (Dj Francy M Extented Mix)
    Rafy DJ - Solo Contigo
    Eddy Wata - I Love My People (Deejay Matrix & Dj Cortex Notte Fonda 2008 Remix)
    Dj Francy M. - M@gICa DeSy (J.V.DJ Love Mix Extended)
    Angel & Devil - System Of Love (Dj Francy M Vs. J.V.D.J Remix 2008)
    Maverik - Indian Summer (Vindes Bozza Abbastanza Grezza Mix)
    DJ mO - Cambodia 2008 (Dj mO Beta Dream Edition)

    July '09
    Euromix (Return to Rare Classixx - part 1) by DJ EUROTRAXX

    Bump! - Play It Again (Club Mix)
    No Name - Jump To The Beat (Radio Edit)
    Dr. No - In The Middle Of The Night (Nightcall Mix)
    Black Shadow - Love Devotion (Extended Remix)
    Digital Boy - Dig It All Beat! (Serdica Remix)
    Azzurro - Don't Ever Stop (Ultimate Radio Mix)
    Chimo Bayo - Let's Go To Outer Space (Ultraspace Mix)
    B-94 - Money (Official Version)

    August '09
    Euromix (Return to Rare Classixx - part 2) by DJ EUROTRAXX

    Bohema Vista - Psychedelic Vision
    Megaforce - Good Vibrations
    Love Factory - Get Up Now
    DJ Sonic - Turn On The Music
    Levy 9 - Gimme More
    Sarah - Did You Love Me
    Paganini - Here We Go
    Never Mind - Movin' On
    Mr. Polon - All Night Long

    September '09
    Euromix (Return to Rare Classixx - part 3) by DJ EUROTRAXX

    Flashback Intro
    Gary's Gang - Come Together (Extended Club Mix)
    Free Your Mind - It's Time To Party (Euro Club Extended)
    Feel Real - Abracadabra (Club Mix)
    Go! - Let's All Chant (Club Chant)
    Charisma - Grace In Your Face (Energy Mix)
    Arcana - Space Party People (Radio Mix)
    Go Ahead! - Dance Fever (Radio Version)
    5 Guys Named Framm - Can You Feel It? (Euromix)
    Antartika - Never Survive (Roby DJ Cut Version)

    October '09
    Euromix (Return to Rare Classixx - part 4) by DJ EUROTRAXX

    Martinez - Uio Uio
    Gloria - C'Mon Everybody
    Nicolasa - Time
    FM - Take Me Higher
    Concept Of Sound - Take Me Away
    Ebodisco - Big City Beach
    Samplex - Daitarn 3
    Carla's - Love In Paradise

    November '09
    Disco Polo - The Old Millenium by DJ EUROTRAXX

    Del Junior - Moj Kochanek (My Lover)
    Kaska - Dzisiaj Zdrady Jest Mniej (Less Cheating These Days)
    Izabela - Ukryte Slowa (Hidden Words)
    Karolina - Nasza Milosc To Blad (Our Love Is A Mistake)
    La Strada - Chce Tylko Ciebie (Only You I Want)
    Amadeo - Ach Kolego (Oh Pal!)
    Lady Dance - Pamietam Nasze Noce (I Remember Our Nights)
    2 Alive - Oprosti Mi (Tell It To My Heart)

    December '09
    Euromix (Return to Rare Classixx - part 5) by DJ EUROTRAXX

    F.O.U.R.-X - Break The Limits (Summer Mix)
    Barakuda - Take My Love (Vocal Mix)
    Apotheosis - No More (Melodance Maxi Remix)
    3-II-One - Make Love (Extended)
    I.I. Simmons - It's Raining Men (Extended)
    2 Belgen - Lena '95 (Ragga Extended)
    Cybermatik - Round & Round (Club Mix)
    Pearl Feat. Zaradika - Rock With Me
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