January '10
90's EurostyleMixx by DJ DOUBLE THREAT

Voodoo Child - Flashing In The Night (Evening Threat Mix)
Kol'lu - Calling Me
N'Ything - I'm With You (Club Mix)
Voltage - Positively (Club Mix)
Solo - Come On (Euro Extended)
Sophia - Right Beside You
Molella - Change (Scream Mix)
General Base - Base of Love (Extended Mix)
Systematic - Only 4 You (Full Power Mix)

February '10
Threat of an Invader Mixx by DJ DOUBLE THREAT and DJ INVADER

DJ Bobo - Freedom (The Invader Short Mix)
Ice MC - Take Away The Colour (The Invader Remix II)
Jinny - Wanna Be With You (The Invader Remix)
DJ Company - Rhythm of Love (The Invader Remix)
Da Blitz - Take Me Away (The Invader Remix)
Matchboxx - Love, Peace & Harmony (The Invader Remix)
Michael Jackson - Beat It (The Invader Remix)
Antares - Ride on a Meteorite (The Invader Remix II)
Smiles DK - Butterfly (The Invader Remix)
Lasgo Ft. Clubfish - Something (The Invader Remix)
DJ Invader - Stupid Boy (Club Mix)
Corona Ft. K.Mono - Rhythm of the Night (The Invader Remix)
DJ Company - Rhythm of Love (The Invader Remix)
Mo Do - Eins Zwei Polizei (The Invader Remix)

March '10
Oldskool Vibes Mixx by DJ DOUBLE THREAT

Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (12" Mix)
Anulator - Say No More
Black Baron - Girl I Love You So (Heart-Alarm Mix)
Yanso - You Got My Mind (Original Club Mix)
Alphonzo - Destiny (Euromix)
The Z.A.M.B.O Ft. Kytra Williams - I'll Drop (Anything For You) (Naked Eye Club Remix)
Dr. Eno - Stereo (Pan Version)
2 Unlimited - What's Mine Is Mine
B. Master J. - Get Hip To This (Get Rap Mix)
2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This
AB Logic - The Hitman (Extended Mix)
A Homeboy A Hippie And A Funky Dredd - Here We Go Again (Extended Mix)
2 Unlimited - The Magic Friend (Extended)
Dynamite P. Ft. Sigrid - Call Me Dancer (Original Euro-Mix)
Double Devine - You Loving (Club Mix)
2 Unlimited - R.U.O.K.

April/May '10
Euromix by EuroBEAT

SANTANY - Feel The Vibrations
OBJECT ONE - Not Available
ADRIMA - Living On A Fantasy
DJ COMPANY - Automatic Lover '98
LIAN ROSS - Fantasy (Cyber Beat Mix)
DOMINO - Run Run Away

June/July '10
Love 4 Dancin' Mixx by DJ DOUBLE THREAT

M.R.X. - All I Need (7" Mix)
YBZ - Now That I Found You
Urban Cookie Collective - High On A Happy Vibe (Original 12" Mix)
Future City - Let Your Body Free (Big Mix)
X-Posse - All My Life (Club Mix)
F & F - Get Your Freedom (Extended Mix)
High & Mighty - Tell Me (Original Version)
M.Gi.M feat. Christine - Be Good To Me (Original Club Mix)
Marco Polo - Living For Fantasy (Extended Version)
Upfront feat. Jamel - Alone (Dance Mix #1)
One-Beat-One - We Need (Club Version)
Culture Beat - Got To Get It (Club Mix)
Culture Beat - Anything (Threat Mix)