There has been an issue brought up about there being at times more than one topic created about a release that was posted in the past.

To clarify, there is no problem with posting a second topic if you have been unaware the topic has been posted in the past.

Please - all members - do not post links to the old post, it is irrelevant and can be inflammatory if not handled by moderators.

If anyone does do it in the future, the post with the former URL link will be deleted without notice of the poster who does the action. If you have seen the topic before, please disregard it (unless you want to add any new feelings or information on the release in the new thread) - and go about your normal browsing and posting activities.

If something needs to be moderated, we have staff to do that and do not require outside input - unless there is something posted that directly is in violation of the rules and regulations of membership at the site.

If that occurs, contact a moderator by PM and let us know what thread it is in question and your rationale for asking for it to be adjusted, moderated and/or deleted if it is deemed offensive.

Thank you very kindly for your attention with this matter.