Poll: Which Audio format of Monthly Mixes you prefer?

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Thread: POLL - Which Audio format of Monthly Mixes you prefer?

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    Default POLL - Which Audio format of Monthly Mixes you prefer?

    Which Audio format of Monthly Mixes you prefer? Please vote!

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    mp3 is a standard...cant see why would anyone use any other or any real argument not to use mp3

    however, these days lots of ppl upload their mixes to various sites, like soundcloud, mixcloud, promodj...maybe its something to think about, especially soundcloud has cool options to embed the music file into a post for direct listening

    just dont use youtube for mixes with new tunes, i uploaded my hit megamix to youtube and within 1 minute i got 33 copyright claims lol so decided its better to take it down and upload it somewhere else

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    I prefer mp3 just because of it's ease to play over various players and mediums. Even a stream file type that wimamp would recognize would be great too.


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