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    Default 1999 Tracklisting

    March '99
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    PATER NOSTER feat. LINDA ROCCO - On Earth As It Is In Heaven (Radio Edit)
    INSIDE OUT - Dance (Euro Dance Edit)
    MEGATRONIC - Into The Fire (Radio)
    D.J. WONDERMIKE - Take Me Away (Cappella Mix Radio Edit)
    SNIPERS - Fire (Solid Base Remix)
    ROZLYNE CLARKE - Giving Up, Giving Up (Euro Mix)
    P.I.D. feat. ANGEL - I Guess They Think That (Radio Edit)

    April '99
    Euromix by WOOBA

    ACTIVE BOX feat CHALINA - Love Sensation
    DEVOTION - Fadin' Away
    NORAD - Sending All My Love (Euro Mix)
    ANNERLEY GORDON - Up All Night (All Night Mix)
    BKS - Take Control (Matrix Extended Mix)
    THE GUSH - Stop This Dream
    TENESSEE - Tell Me (Mix Version)
    B-CAP - Send Me An Angel

    May '99
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    KHAYAN BY AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Feel The Vibe (Extended Club Mix)
    CLEO & MARCUS - I've Got The Music In Me (Pyramix)
    MARS PLASTIC - Model With Me (Mars Plastic Mix)
    UPRONT feat. JAMAL - Alone (DJs Only Mix)
    SIR EASY D. - Don't You Ever
    MANICO - Turn Me On
    SYSTEMATIC - Love Is The Answer (Club)
    WRAY feat. TAYLOR JONES - Wind Of Change [Dream Away] (Club Mix)

    June '99
    Euromix by Wooba

    TOOLEX - Fly Away (Extended Mix)
    LA FORTUNA - Why Can't You See (UK Mix)
    KIKKA - Wanna Oh, Wanna Oh (Attack Mix)
    FUTURE CITY - Only Love (Extended)
    MAX MAD feat. KMS 25 / Positive Division - Don't Let Me Down
    LINDA & COMPANY - Just Can't Get Enough
    D-STRESSED - Love Me Forever (Union Mix)
    ALTER EGO feat. DAISY DEE - Dance (If You Cannot) (Euro Mix)

    July '99
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    INDRA - Take Me Now (Album Version)
    HI-Q - Let's Go to Heaven
    CAUGHT IN THE ACT - Love Is Everywhere
    FITS OF GLOOM - Return To Me (Extended Mix)
    NINA - Dance The Night Away
    CRYSTAL - Fly Over Te Rainbow
    SONORO - Get Up And Dance
    HARAJUKU - Can You feel The Love Tonight (Radio Version)

    August '99
    Euromix by Wooba

    JK - You & I '95 (Club Remix)
    SYSTOMATIC - Only For You (Full Power Mix)
    P.M. SAMSON - Ain't Over Now (Summer Mix)
    STRICTLY M.O.R. - Long Long Nite (Euro Club Mix)
    LIAN ROSS - Keep This Feeling
    K. DA 'CRUZ - Take Me To The Stars (PTB Single Edit)
    WASP - Run To The Future (Extended)

    September '99
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    MISSING HEART - Charlene (Extended Version)
    ALPHABASE - Heaven Help My Heart (Club Mix)
    FLASH - You've Got The Music (Best D.J. Power Mix)
    WASP - Run To The Future
    SHALIMA - Don't Let Me Go (Original Mix)
    ACTIVATE - Save Me Megamix

    October '99
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    FIRST BASE - High Energy (Club Mix)
    INDRA - We Belong Together (Extended Version)
    MEN BEHIND - How Can I? (Extended Version)
    INTOLEKT - Colourblind
    CHRIS - Venus
    JUST IV FUN - Question Of Time
    D-TRAX - Spinning Around
    ONE DJ PROJECT feat. DAME - Gotta Dance

    November '99
    Euromix by Wooba

    SLAM - Back To Music (Original Mix)
    2 RAFF - Don't Stop The Music (Raffneck Ragga 12 Inch Mix)
    MAY DAY - Don't Break My Heart
    AFTER TOUCH - She Wanna Dance (Radio Edit)
    AVA & STONE - All Aboard (Extended Mix)
    M.O.N.N.I. - Can You Feel My Heart (Club Vocal Version)
    KIM SANDERS - Tell Me That You Want Me (Big Five Mix)
    PUBLIC ART - River (Run Dry Airplay Edit)

    December '99
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    KARINA - Let Me Care Of You (Mabra Mix)
    ANTHERA - Goodtime Tonight (Mabra Mix)
    REMAKERS - Only You (Re-Edit '95)
    REMAKERS - Goodbye (Edit Mix)
    GLORYLAND - Power Of Love (Version One)
    THE COLONNELS - '74 - '75 (Waveform Mix)
    LIQUID TEAM - Sky Labor (Club Mix)
    I.D.H.A. - Orbits To The Moon (Orbit One)
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