January '00
Euromix by Wooba

Valley 68 - All Over This World (High Speed Mix)
Leo Verde - Brutta Puttana
Kymelle - Show That Body Baby (Ultimate Mix)
Betty Blue - I Feel The Passion (Euro Club)
Fourteen 14 - Don't Leave Me
Maxcess featuring Cherokee - Party Your Body (Tokapi's Raggadag)
Master Mind DJ - It's A Party (Extended Version)
Maya - Mirame (Radio Edit)

February '00
Euromix by Wooba

Stay-C - Wham Bam! (Masterboy Euro-Mix)
Linda Fields feat. Cappella - Shame, Shame, Shame (Pleasuredone Mix)
DJ Company - Hey Everybody (Out Of Control) (House Version)
Jr. Flex - Work That Love (Euro Mix)
Freebee - Runaway (Album Version)
Melanie Bender - Emergency (Album Version)
Nexus - Keep On Jumpin (Dance Version)
Black Rose - Melody (Euro Mix)

March '00
Euromix by EuroBEAT

EUROGROOVE - It's On You (Scan Me)
SOLID BASE - Mirror, Mirror
ALPHA VISION - Just Too Funky
CLOCK - Everybody
BEAT SYSTEM - Stay With Me (Tell Me That You Love Mie)
JK - You & I
DJ DUCKPOWER - Get The Duck Out Of Here (Move It!)
T-ZONE - Don't Let Me ... (Factory Team Mix)

April '00
Euromix by Wooba

Masterjam - I Wanna Know (Club Mix)
Space Mission - Red Martian (Maxi Mission)
Stereotype - And The Beat Goes On (Dance Mix)
Get The Real Power - In The Heat Of The Night (Radio Mix)
Chart Houz - Take Your Love Away (Club Mix)
Megatronic - Into The Fire (Deejays Mix)
Project P. - I Give You All My Love (Club Mix)
First Base - Follow Me (Original Mix '96)

May '00
Euromix by DJ Smooth

FUN FACTORY - Close To You (Close To Raga Mix)
IC MC - Think About The Way (Extended Mix)
DOLPHIN CREW feat. EXIA - The Light Is Shining (Extended Mix)
CAPELLA - You And Me (House Mix)
ANTARES - Ride On A Meteorite (Meteor Mix)
ETOILE - I Want Your Love (Extended Mix)
JOEE - Feel It In The Air (Club Mix)
MAGIC AFFAIR - Omen 3 (Club Mix)
LE CLICK - Tonight Is The night (Fluid Mix)
NEW ATLANTIC - Sunshine After The Rain (Two Cowboys Mix)

June '00
Euromix by EuroBEAT

X-POSE - All My Life (Radio Edit)
VU-METERS - Pacific Flight (Radio Mix)
BOOM BOX - Sleepless (Radio Mix)
ALPHA VISION - Just Too Funky (Radio Edit)
JOAN & JOHN - Jungle (Radio Edit)
ANIGEER - You Came (Mix Version)

July '00
Euromix by Wooba

Native Vision - Easy Life (Extended Mix)
Take Twice - It's True
Nikita - La Bruja (Moonlight Mix)
Voice Of Buddha - Can You Hear The Voice Of Buddha
Kristy - Crazy Crazy (Factory Team Mix)
Lick feat. Kentucky Martha - I'm The Girl Of Your Dreams
Simone Jay - Wanna B Like A Man
Love Beat - Don't Stop
2B Or Not 2B - 2 Night, 2 Night (Extended Remix Version)

August '00
Euromix by EuroBEAT

LA STYLE - Got To Move (Action Mix)
L.A. WORK - Is It Real What You Feel (Radio Extended Mix)
MARCIA JOHNSON - Open Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
EUROGROOVE - Dive To Paradise (Radio Edit)
F.B.I. - Fiction (Vocal Dance Mix)
ISA B - Good 4 You (Club Mix)
MICHAEL J. GIBBS - Back To Heaven (Extended Version A)

September '00
Euromix by Wooba

Ten Minutes - Your Toy (Radio Edit)
Jaade - Move It Baby (Radio Mix)
Sirius - This Is My Life (Bass Kick Mix)
Karry & DJ Tururu - Take My Love (Album Version)
Worlds Apart - Je Te Donne (Solid Noise Montreal Mix)
Electric Gold - Hey Mr. Devil (Devils Dry Mix)
G.E. Con-X-ion featuring Samira - Gotta Have The Music (Dance Floor Mix)

October '00
taken from Deep Dance 67 - Deep Classix

Masterboy - Anybody Movin' On
Pearl - Summer Holiday
Corona - Try Me Out
740 Boys Feat 2 In a Room - Shimmy Shake
The Free - Lover On The Line
2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body (Dance Version)
2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body (Trance Version)
Taucher - Fantasy
Sirius - This Is My Life
Night People - In The Night
Striking Man - The Lower You Go
Dance In Peace - Give Me Your Loving
Ice MC - Think About The Way
Key Motion - No Chance
Sandmann's Dummies - Ach Du Meine Nase
Masterboy - Is This The Love
Corona - The Rythm Of The Night
Toss And Turn - Flexxible
Orange Blue - If U Wanna Be
Flash - You've Got The Music

November '00
Euromix by Wooba

Rama - Light My Fire (Original Mix)
Pearl feat. Zardika - Celebrate (Celebration Dance Mix)
Dance Floor Syndroma feat. Juicy - Can't You See (Club Mix)
Navayah - What About My Love Boy (Radio Bounce)
MC Sar & The Real McCoy - Another Night (Club Mix)
Dance Floor Virus - Message In A Bottle (Castarave Mix)
Ethik - My Heaven (Mystery Mix)

December '00
Euromix by EuroBEAT

SHINE - By The Light Of Nature (Radio Mix)
DHIADEMA - Love Song (Extended)
DREAMER - The Adventures Of David Balfore (Dollar Dream)
TRACY ANNE - Tonight (Club Mix)
NYMPHO - Move Your Lips (Move Mix)
FANNY CADEO - I Want Your Love (Original Mix)
CLASS X - Find A Way (Radio Edit)
IN COLOUR - I Wanna Give It To You (Radio Mix)
ANDREW SIXTY - (I've Had) The Time Of My Life (First Time Mix)