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    Default 2004 Tracklisting

    January '04
    Euromix by DJEUROTRAXX

    PERIOD - The Heartbreak
    RAF G FT. M2R - Over And Over
    MC SAR & THE REAL MCCOY - It's On You
    LAVINIA JONES - Sing It To You
    PEOPLE OF THE WORLD - In Heaven No Limit
    POWER NATION - Calling You
    AGENTS OF MUSIC - The Way To My Heart
    ZOOOM! - Love Me Or Leave Me
    DYNAMITE P - Call Me Dancer
    MINDS EYE - Trans Rainbow Express
    TEE GREEN - Don't Hold Back
    BAYA - Don't stop The music
    KARL & LINDA - Je suis Lulu
    ZOOM - This Must Be Love
    XPANDER - My Generation
    BWX - Can You Feel It
    SPLASH - All I Do
    SUBZERO - Legalize
    X13 FT. CHRISTABEL - You've Got To Move

    February '04
    Euromix by DJ KAPRA

    BEATIFIC feat TANNE 64 - Passion (Wave Club Mix)
    REACTOR PROJECT - Give Me Attitude (Radio Mix)
    VANGELO - Can You See
    TONI H - Enough Of Your Love (Alternative Mix)
    NAIF - A Dream Today (Extended Mix)
    DALMATA - Do It (Foxcoast Mix)
    KAREN B - Natural Woman (Radio Version)

    March '04
    Euromix by DJ KAPRA

    MIURA - Insensitive
    JOHNNY KELVIN - Satisfaction Guaranteed (4 Tune Mix)
    Q-Q BIKO - Picture Of Me (Extended Mix)
    KATHY READ - Tonight (Today Mix)
    MT PRODUCTION - Emergency (Emergency Mix)
    F.B MACHINE - Shock Me Baby (Max Mix)
    LOVE NATION - Come On Let It Be (Radio Edit)

    April '04
    Euromix by DJEUROTRAXX

    Talking Beat - Love Is A Shield
    Tears 'N Joy - Take My Life (Maxi Version)
    Hype - Pump This Party (Melody)
    Admiral Nelson - Love Is Gone
    Q-Beat Feat Diego V - Move Your Love (Diego V Edit)
    Subtopia - Move It (Radio Version)
    Boom Boxx - Take Me Away
    MPH - Touch Me (Extended Club Mix)
    Yoko - Himalaya (Tokyo Downtown Butterfly Mix)
    Face II Face - I Want You (Midnight Mix)
    Goddess - Spirits In The Night (Euro Radio Mix)
    M.I.Project - Believe In Love (Extended Mix)

    May '04
    Euromix by DJ KAPRA

    X-Uz - Ghost City (Ghost City Mix)
    Denise - Stay With Me (Dance Version)
    Valley 68 - It's Gonna Be Love (Roby Boy Mix)
    Repthor - Over (Palaeolithic Mix)
    Cantalupe - The Real Thing (Sun Vrs)
    Melodika Feat Deborah - Shaieo (Church Version)
    Fata - You Know What I Want (Dance Mix)
    Channel 1 - Wake Up From Your Trance (Outwave Mix)

    June '04
    Euromix by DJ KAPRA

    Feel Good - I Really Love You (Club Mix)
    Expression 4 - I Can Dance And Fall In Love (Mega Mix)
    Ancorah - You Will Be Mine (Trip Mix)
    Chambre - Keep Holding On (Incisive Mix)
    Ironya - Stay With Me (Right Mix)
    Suzie Ann - Why (My Mix)
    2 In Paradise - I Call You (Main Mix)
    Re Public - Radio Moscow (Radio FM)

    July '04
    taken from PUMP DANCE compilation

    ROLAND BRANT - Moon Waterfall
    2 FABIOLA - Play This Song
    VANDANA - In The Name Of Love
    HAPPYMAN - Love Is You
    CAPPELLA - I Need Your Love
    DJ MARTIN feat. MABRUKA - "More & More"
    NYLON MOON - Sky Plus

    August '04
    Euromix by DJ KAPRA

    EMERALDS - Do It For Love (Extended LED Mix)
    LAURA HANDED - Without You (Euro Club Mix)
    B.U.S - Maybe (Original Mix)
    SLAM with CRISKA - Call My Name (Alternative NRG Mix)
    ELEKTRA - Dancing Through The Night (Club Mix)
    NORAD - Sending All My Love (Original Club Mix)
    MADAME K - Stars (Live Mix)
    SHEILA - Summer Dream Of Love (Extended Mix)

    September '04
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    SAMIRA - Love Train
    CICERO - Summertime (Spanish Fly Mix)
    COPERNICO - I Believe (Radio Edit)
    NEVER NEVER - When You Smile (Euro Club Mix)
    JACYNTHE - Try My Love (US Radio mix)
    HIT 'N' HIDE - Space Invaders (E-rotic Mix)
    NINA - Until All Your Dreams Come True (Transformer Remix)
    S.A.Y. - Winner Of The Game

    October '04
    Euromix by DJ KAPRA

    MASTER & SEVEN - Power Of Dreams (Extended Mix)
    BM DECODER - Believe In My Word (Approved Mix)
    WALLALLAH - Runaway From You (Airplay Mix)
    CRYSTAL DREAMS - Every Woman (Definition Mix)
    BARNET - Gimme All Your Love (Everyday Mix)
    JOYCE - Out Of Reality (Euro Mix)
    TMJP & SHEILA K - Endless Love(151)
    WITHOUT FACE - Never Be (Choice Mix)

    November '04
    Euromix by DJ KAPRA

    MANUELA - Stand Up (TV Mix)
    REAL DREAM feat CARMEN - Gotta Find You (Full Mix)
    OPERATIVE SYSTEM - Getaway (Extended Mix)
    REECH - Give Me Your Love (Radio Mix)
    MOVING FADERS - You Can Dance (Yah-Yeh Radio Mix)
    BODY OF EVIDENCE - Aladdin (Original Mix)
    NELLOW feat SABRINA O - Devotion (Extended Mix)

    December '04
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    JUMA - Culi Tunda
    ECLIPSE - Let The Rhythm Move
    2 FOR LOVE - Only For Love (Short)
    ATISHA - Secret Of The Night (Bumpin Bass Radio Version)
    MELANIE BENDER - You Just Want Sex (Original Extended)
    ROTATE - Lovedream
    4 U - European Spirit Man
    MIG 29 feat. NATASHA - Je t'aime moi non plus
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