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    Default 2005 Tracklisting

    January '05
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    MAXX - Move Your Body (Extravaganza Mix)
    DREAM PROJECT - Take A Chance
    ECLIPSE - Let The Rhythm Move
    MARS PLASTIC - Find The Way (Extended Mix)
    RIVERSIDE PEOPLE - Fantasy Dancing (Radio Fantasy Mix)
    TOOLEX - Open Your Heart (Extended Version)
    DOUBLE AA feat. MELINA - Dancers In The Night (Fly'N'Away Mix Mixture)
    STELLA - You And Me (Dream Vocal Mix)

    February '05
    Euromix by DJEUROTRAXX

    SPACELAB - Kastigo (Asteroid Mix)
    FM pres. JEAN JANE - You Got Me Now
    DJ DADO - The Same (Late Night Groove Extended)
    MATO GROSSO - Love (Fuzzy Mix)
    WILDSIDE - I Wanna See The Sun (Club Mix)
    KANGAROO - Feel Do Right (Francis DJ Mix)
    CRYSTAL DREAMS - Every Woman (Original Mix)
    PRYSM - Saving You (Dance Goes Pop Version)

    March '05
    taken from DEEP MAGIC DANCE 34

    DA BLITZ - Stay With Me
    DJ SPACE C - Don't Break My Heart
    LA FORTUNA - Why Can't You See
    HUMANIZE - Take Me To Your Heart
    JOBETH - I Got The Rhythm In Me
    DOUBLE DARE feat. YVONNE F. - I Believe
    TEXTURE - Take A Chance On Me

    April '05
    Euromix by EuroBEAT

    THOMAS - Carry On
    ANTARES - You Belong To Me (Radio Mix)
    H2BLOND - Bodytalk (Dance Edit)
    LOOK TWICE - Move That Body
    DRAGANA - Up And Down (Extended Mix)
    RHYTHM REACTION - You're Not Alone
    COMIC - I Surrender To Your Love (Radio Edit)

    May/June '05
    Euromix by WOOBA

    MEDUSA - Waitin' 4 Love
    ULTIMATE feat. PENNY - You're The One (Extended Mix)
    LINDA - Fill My Belly (Extended Mix)
    K. DA 'CRUZ - Take Me To The Stars (Club Version)
    DIRECT 2 DANCE - Burnin' Up (Remix)
    JOG - The Future (Impulse Version)
    VINCE D. - I Need I Want (Flutikkio Mix)
    ZODIAC - Ever More (Radio)
    BABILONIA - Too Easy (Factory Team Mix)

    July '05
    taken from ENERGY CLUB MIX

    NEW SYSTEM - This is the Night
    LIME INC. - Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonite
    BLUNERO - Dreams
    SUNWAVE - Move it to the Rhythm
    J.F.M. PROJECT - The Power of Love
    DOUBLE DARE feat. YVONNE F. - I Believe
    FUTURE CITY - Only Love
    JAMIE DEE - So Good

    August '05
    Euromix by DVZON

    DOUBLE YOU - Part Time Lover (Single mix)
    SUPERFLY - Is It Love (12" Club Mix)
    REAL McCOY - Automatic Lover (Album mix)
    NAKED EYE - Dance all night (12" Club mix)
    MUTTINAE - (Love is) Knockin' on my door (Radio Edit)
    MAGIC MOTION - Tell me why (12" Ext Mix)
    GALACTICA - Music is my life (CD Dance Music III compilation)
    EX-IT - Don't tell me all your dreams (Frankfurt Mix)
    DR.ALBAN - Let the beat go on (Extended Mix)
    DC-10 - The choice is yours (Radio Edit)
    FUTURE CITY - Only love (12" Extended Mix)
    B-CAP - Send me an angel (12" Mix)
    PROJECT P. feat INFINITY ONE - I give you all my love (Club Mix)
    BAD BOYS BLUE - Luv 4 U (CD Europa compilation)
    CULTURE BEAT - Take me away (Euromix)
    NATURAL EFFECT - Gimme your love (Single Edit I)

    September '05
    taken from GENUX Compilation

    ICE MC - Think Abot The Way (Boom di di Boom Remix)
    MOLELLA - Change
    HUNGA MUNGA - Feel The Power
    CB MILTON - Hold On
    SARATOGA - I'll Be There
    CAROL BAILEY - Feel It
    MEPHISTO - You Got Me Burning Up
    HUGH K - One More Time

    October '05
    taken from REMIXLAND Compilation

    DA BLITZ - Let Me Be
    SILVIA COLEMAN - Allright (Remix)
    PARAJE - Animalaction
    HEARTCLUB feat. IAN LEX - Don't Go Break My Heart
    MAJO GROSSO - Love (Remix)
    ALADINO - Brothers In The Space (Remix)
    LUCIFER'S FRIENDS - Divina Comedia

    November '05
    Euromix by TENSHI_7

    JT COMPANY - Live My Life
    CLUBZONE - Passion Of The Night
    DOUBLE DARE - We Belong
    DR. DJ Cerla - Everybody Pom Pom
    ROZLYNE CLARKE - Take My Hand
    FUN 2 U - My Little Flower
    GENERAL BASE - Poison
    ACTIVATE - I Say What I Want
    JAMIE DEE - People (Everybody Needs Love)

    December '05
    Euro Goes Disco Polo mix by DJEUROTRAXX

    AFTERLIFE - Nie Mow Nie (Don't Say No)
    4 JUMPS - Wezmiesz Wszystko (You Will Take Everything)
    PROJECT '96 - Pigula (Pill)
    KASKA - Zwariowal Swiat (World Got Crazy)
    IZABELA - Kto To Jest (Who Is It)
    HOLETZKY - Tyle Wokol Pustych Miejsc (So Many Empty Spaces Around)
    PLAY & MIX - Bum Tararirarara
    ALPHABEAT - Nie Potrafie Cie Ocalic (I Can't Save You)
    LA STRADA - Tylko Ja (Only Me!)
    I & I - Give U All My Love
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