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    Default 2006 Tracklisting

    January '06
    Euromix by TENSHI_7

    BANANARAMA -Every Shade Of Blue
    PRINCESSA - Rompete (Calling You)
    TITO PUENTO Jr. & THT LATIN RHYTHM - Oye Como Va (Cappella Mix)
    NEW SYSTEM - This Is The Night
    MASTERJAM - I Wanna Know
    PEARL - Summer Holiday
    ARGONAUTS - Virtual Dreams
    GO GO GIRLS - One Night In Arabia
    VENGABOYS - Boom Boom Boom Boom!! (Eurobeat Mix)
    MAURITO - Don't Go Away

    February '06
    The Grand Bourgmix 1 (Classic Euro Session) by DJ Bourg

    Usura - Open Your Mind
    Westbam - Beatbox Rocker
    Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - Everybody On The Floor
    Marradona - Out Of My Head
    Real World - Stop The Violence
    Basic Element - The Ride
    T.A.X.I. - Get Ready For The Rhythm
    A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funki Dredd - Here We Go Again
    L.A. Style - I'm Raving
    Synthesis - House Time
    R.T.Z. Belgium feat. Mistri - In The Name Of Love
    L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead
    Commedia - Salopard
    Paul Parker - Love In The Shadows
    B.G. The Prince Of Rap - Stomp
    Netzwerk - Send Me An Angel
    S.L. Line - All Night Long
    Georgia Williams - Keep It Up
    K. Mono - Take My Body
    Club Factory - Love 4 Lovin
    Copernico - I Believe
    Basic Element - Deep Down
    Traffic Light - No Matter What You Do
    Corona - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
    Copernico - I Believe
    L?a Kiss - Don't You Want Love
    Kikka - Little Lies
    Quadran - Free Your Mind
    Double Vision Feat. Kate - Free Your Mind
    Power People - Kiss The Beat
    The Weather Girls - Party
    Atfc - Sleep Talk
    Cabballero - Hymn
    Bossi - Time To Make The Floor Burn
    Afrika Bambaataa presents Khayan - Feel The Vibe
    Karloff - Play The Music
    B.G. The Prince Of Rap - Can't Love You
    Maxx - Move Your Body
    Stanley Foort - You Make Me Believe In Magic
    Safe - Love Is All We Need
    First Base - Love Is Paradise
    First Base - Can You Keep A Secret
    Basic Element - The Fiddle
    Mr. X & Mr. Y - What's Up At The Brotherfront
    Linda Rocco - Fly With Me
    Herbie - Right Type Of Mood
    Mix & Magix - Atmen
    Snipers - Fire
    East Beat Syndicate - 1000 Nights And One
    DJ Scat - Scat Rave
    Interactive - Dildo

    March '06
    Euromix by DJEUROTRAXX

    NEXUS - Keep On Jumpin'
    ISA B. - Good For You
    DOUBLE KEY - Life Is The Rhythm
    CHRIS - All Nite Long
    M.X.M. - Alright
    DA BLITZ - Take My Way
    VANGELO - Can U See
    THE SENSITIVES - Tell Me The Way
    YENA - Feel The Beat Of Love
    DEVOTION - Fading Away

    April '06
    Euromix by TENSHI_7

    UNLIMITED NATION - Move Your Body
    JOHNNA - In My Dreams
    DREAMWORLD - Movin Up
    DEUCE - No Surrender
    MAGIC AFFAIR - Omen III (DJ Pierre Remix)
    ROB'N'RAZ - In Command
    SABRINA - Angel Boy

    May '06
    Euromix by TENSHI_7

    Mr. John - U Gotta Move Me
    Twenty 4 Seven - Keep On Trying
    X-Fade - Here We Are
    Daisy Dee - Headbone Connected
    Taleesa - Let Me Be
    Creador f/ Brenda - Arriba
    Decadance - Save My Soul
    Systematic - Love Is The Answer
    Fanny Cadeo - I Want Your Love
    Johnny Kelvin - Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Channel X - Take It To The Top
    Ophelia - Hand In Hand
    Vertical Vibe - Only You

    June '06
    Euromix by VICIOUS PETE

    DA BLITZ - Movin'On (DJ Invader Remix)
    COUNT 3 - Walk Down
    TEN MINUTES - Your Toy (Extended Version)
    XL - Sioux Land
    DJ CERLA & MORATO - Wonder(Remix)
    SLAM - U Got 2 Know
    MO-DO - Geh Mal Tanzen
    2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - Fly (Happy Hardcore Mix)

    July '06
    Euromix by DJ INVADER

    ACTIVATE - Let The Rhythm Take Control
    GENERAL BASE - Base of Love (Club Mix)
    LIL SUZY - When I Fall In Love (Club Mix)
    JINNY - Wanna Be With U (Club Mix)
    KIKKA - Love Me Tonite (Another Mix)
    CAPITAL SOUND - Feel The Rhythm
    MEN BEHIND - How Can I? (Extended Version)
    DJ BOBO - Freedom (Club Mix)

    August '06
    taken from TRD 1100 Compilation

    VANESSA - Crazy For You
    GIPSY & QUEEN - Action
    VANESSA - Crazy For You
    GIPSY & QUEEN Action
    VANESSA - Be My Lady
    ROSE - I Wanna Be Your Love
    GIPSY & QUEEN - Plaza Del Sol
    FRED VENTURA - Imagine
    LISA JOHNSON - Say Good-Bye
    FRED VENTURA - Lost In Paris
    ALEPH - Black Out
    GIPSY & QUEEN - Love
    CHESTER - Don't Get Away
    DR. MONEY - Time After Time
    ATRIUM - Midnight Dancer

    September '06
    Euromix by DJ INVADER

    BALTIMORA - Tarzan Boy
    JEAN AND JOAN - Jungle
    ADAM - Zambie (Eternal Airplay Mix)
    EUROGROOVE - It's On You
    BLUE BAMBOO - Sunny (Extended Version)
    BROTHERS OF SOUND feat TALYA JONES - Music is Moving
    THE GUSH - Stop This Dream
    BARNET - Your Love
    ALPHA - Born To Be Alive
    GOOD BOYS - Save Your Love (Extended Version)

    October '06
    taken from DEEP DANCE Take 35 - Italo Dance 2

    EINSTEIN DOCTOR DEEJAY - Cosmic Radio Station
    BLUE HEART - Singin' I'm Happy
    BLACK 4 WHITE - Cannibal
    LAGUNA - Crazy Night
    CICCONE - Electro Woman
    INDIANA DAY - All I Need Is Love - Remix
    ORION - Dreamlover
    MIMOSA - It's So Cool

    November '06
    Euromix by DJ INVADER

    Stella Getz - Dr Love
    Double You - Run To Me (Extended Mix)
    Culture Beat - Mr Vain (Extended Mix)
    Megatronic - Into The Fire
    Matrix - Can You Feel It (Extended Version)
    AB Free feat. Linda Rocco - Go Deeper (Extended Mix)
    DJ Company - Rhythm Of Love (Rap Version)
    Afrika Bambaataa - Pupunanny (Mr Vain Mix)
    It's 5 To 12 - Survival Game (A-People Mix)

    December '06
    Euromix by DJ DOUBLE THREAT

    2 Alive - Tell It To My Heart
    X-Pression - This Is Our Night (Single Club Mix)
    Activate - Save Me (Sequenced Club Mix)
    JK - Sweet Lady Night (Eurobeat Extended Mix)
    Red Velvet - Into The Night (Club Mix)
    DJ Company - Forever Young (Club Mix)
    Gloryland - Power Of Love
    Kangaroo - Feel So Right (Smania Brothers Mix)
    Kikka - Don't Make Me Live Without You (Factory Team Remix)
    Robin - Juliet 96 (Eurodance)
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