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    January '08
    Euromix by DJ INVADER

    Intro Mix
    On-X - Missing You (Rmx DJ Invader)
    Joan & John - Jungle (Ungawa Mix)
    Clay - Where Is My Life (Extended Mix)
    Adam Feat. Amy - Zombie (Adams & Gelein Club Mix)
    XL - Fluxland (Energetik Mix)
    Renegade - Solidarity
    Imakinaria - Queen Of The Night (Xtended Mix)
    The Ballroom - Message In A Bottle (Castarave Mix)
    Spectrum - Hands In The Air

    February '08
    Euromix by DJ DOUBLE THREAT (Euro Beats Mix)

    Joee - Angel
    Lime Inc. - Babe Were Gonna Love Tonight
    Ankawa - Walla Walla Coco
    Defect - Let Me Go
    Pharao - I Show You Secrets
    D-Z Feat. Kam - No Match
    Amos - Only Saw Today
    Masterjam - Rhythm's In Your Mind
    Natascha Wright - Party Of One
    Capitol Sound - In The Night
    Kim Sanders - Show Me
    Haire Feat. Sandra Chambers - Eye Of The Tiger
    X-Kameron - I Wanna Be Your Lover

    March '08
    Euromix by DJ INVADER (Euro Latino Mix - part 1)

    Amarildo - Ritmo Do Amor (DJ Company)
    Mirror - Yo Se Que Tu Volveras
    Rebeca - Duro De Pelar (Mix)
    Chuss Project - Atrapado (Spanish O.C.P. Remix)
    Urano - Si Te Vas (Radio Version)
    Ramirez - Terapia (Ricci DJ Mix)
    Creador Feat. Brenda - Arriba (Dub Version)
    Kriss Feat. High Density - Tonight (Esta Noche Spanish Version)
    Yurtseven Kardesler - Sende Gel (Extended version)
    Sonia - A Donde Vas
    Decadance - Bailemos (Extended Mix)
    Fantom 2 - Bez Kontrolyu (Without Control)
    KU Minerva - No Seas Malo (Extended Remix)

    April '08
    Euromix by DJ INVADER (Euro Latino Mix - part 2)

    Time Cut - El Verano (Verano Disco Mix)
    Emotional G - Toffee
    X-Samar - La Soledad (12'' Version)
    Fun 4 Me - Se Fue
    Gibson Brothers - Cuba 96 (Euro Mix)
    ASAP - No Cambies (Extended Mix)
    Rebeca - Mas Que Un Engano
    Alexia - Number One (Spanish Euro Mix)
    Zapata - Viva La Revolucion (Club Ragga Mix)
    Camela - Lagrimas de Amor (Extended Mix)
    United - Jeszcze Szukam
    Creador Feat. Brenda - Arriba (Extended Mix)
    Dolls United - Eine Insel Mit Zwei Bergen
    DJ Dave - Gangsters Paradise (Mix Artist)

    May '08
    Euromix by DJ ZYARKSKI (Simple Magic Mix)

    DJ Bobo - Give Yourself A Chance
    DJ Sam - New Jack
    DJ Bobo - I Feel It
    DJ Bobo - Deep In The Jungle
    DJ Bobo - Too Many Nights
    The Free - Love Letter From Space
    DJ Bobo - Open Your Heart
    DJ Bobo - What About My Broken Heart
    Lalene - The Best
    DJ Bobo - I Know What I Want
    R2DM - Ding Dang Dong
    Paco Pil - Viva La Fiesta

    June '08
    Euromix by DJ BOURG (Give Me A Bit Mix)

    THE SHAMEN - Comin' On (Culture Mix)
    3 II ONE - Make Love (Extended Version)
    FUN FACTORY - Groove Me (The Darth Vader Remix - No Intro)
    YENA - Feel The Beat Of Love (C. Seek Version 1)
    X-KAMERON - Why Don't You Want My Love (Burning Love Remix)
    HAPPINESS - Love (Original Mix)
    INFINITY - Dirty Love (I Forgive You) (Baba Mix)
    TOHONY B - Movin' Up (Radio Version)

    July '08
    Euromix by DJ KAPRA

    Fiction - Times And Times (Original Mix)
    Patty - Come Back (Another Mix)
    Sunkry - We Stay Together (Aladyn Mix)
    Eleonora Cooper - When I Give My Love (Club Mix)
    Gabry - Save The Human Race (Club Mix)
    Eku - The Secret Of Love (Picante Version)
    Operative System - Getaway (Extended Mix)
    Valerie - Say I'm Your Number 1 (Euro Timin' Mix)
    Basscut - Follow Me (Dance Mix)
    Kalura - Pay For Love (Extended Mix)
    Red Zone - Burning Power (Euro Mix)
    Carin McDonald - Together (Dance version)

    August '08
    Euromix by DJ DOUBLE THREAT and DJ EUROTRAXX (Coast 2 Coast Euro Mix)

    Glam - Sex Drive
    Patricia - Never Never Never
    Rhythm Section - Can You Feel
    Jaade - Move It Baby
    Masterboy - Feel The Heat Of The Night
    Moskobeat - Come Back
    Bass Expanders - Party All Night
    Beatmatic - The Final Countdown
    Idea - Keep On To The Rhythm
    Kristy - Crazy
    Church Sisters - Rock Your Body
    Positive Division - Movin'On

    September '08
    Euromix by DJ DOUBLE THREAT (Midnight HiNRG Mixx)

    Young Blood - Step It Up (DJ Double Threat Remix)
    Fun Factory - Pain (DJ Double Threat Vocal Mix)
    X-Fade - Dance
    CJ Anderson - Strange Way To Love
    Concept Of Sound - Share A Piece Of You Heart (Extended Mix)
    Chris - Venus (Automatic Version)
    Get Wet - Something Unreal (Extended Edit)
    Coast 2 Coast - Run Baby Run
    Mephisto feat. Shunza - You Got Me Burnin' Up
    Sheilah - The Power Of Love (Earth Calling Mix)

    October '08
    Euromix by DJ INVADER

    Keenya - Waiting (Euromix)
    Me And My - Dub I Dub (Club Mix)
    Orlando -I Am Dreaming (Radio Version)
    Cybernetica - I Wanna Be With You (Cyber Mix)
    Face II Face - I Want You (Extended Mix)
    Lena - To The Rhythm Of Love (Ragga Mix)
    2 For Love - Only For Love (Extended Mix)
    Roxxy - I'll Never Stop (Club Mix)
    The Lovers - Go Just Get It (Xtended Mix)

    November '08
    Euromix by DJ DOUBLE THREAT (Euro Flash Back Mixx)

    Superfly - Is It Love (Club Mix)
    U96 - Love Sees No Colour (Version 1)
    MC Sar & The Real McCoy - Automatic Lover (Trans Euro Mix)
    Pleasure Beat feat. J.Cock - First Time (Pleasure Beat Club Mix)
    Ketty DB - You Can Take Me (Euroclub)
    Muttinae - Knockin' On My Door (Uncut Version)
    Falone - Sarah's Nights (Extended Mix)
    Masterboy - Show Me Colours (B Side Mix)
    Jefferson Project - All I Need Is The Night (Jefferson's Mix)
    Discover feat. Dom - 74-75 (Extended Mix)
    Mondano - Feelin' Good (Mondano Mix)

    December '08
    Euromix by DJ EUROTRAXX

    Never Look Back - Hold Me
    M & M Crew - Move On
    Activ Project - Fight
    Mysterya - Lasting In Love
    2 Fast 4 You - Move To The Rhythm
    Teknol O.G. - I Want You
    Simplicia - Passion
    Teem Woork - Stand By You
    Vive - I Need Your Loving
    DJ Igo - Pleasure In The Air
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