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    January '08
    STUDIO 33 - 90th Story

    Linda O - Because the Night
    Florida Inc - Quit All that Shit
    Jordan - What if
    Paffendorf vs. the Real Booty Babes - Smile
    Straight Flush - Lets All Chant
    Rushroom feat. Fara - Better of Alone
    Groove Coverage - Because I Love You
    Bangbros - Arschgesicht
    Dstyle - Gone
    Dan Winter - Pump the Nation
    DJ Bobo - Because of You
    Myc - Rock
    Nathalie and Kim Lucas - Change the World
    Deep Spirit - You Are Makin Me High
    Hampenberg - Acid Disco Plastic Electro
    Rocco und Bass T - Tell Me When
    Steve Twain Pres. Escape One - Upside Down
    Micha Moor - Space
    Akira - I Dream
    Brisby and Jingles - Surrender
    Sam G - Dont You Know
    Beat Bangerz Fest. Beowulf - Close to You
    Topmodelz - Lesperanza 2007
    DJ Lawless - Sex Toy
    Astrada - Crazy for You
    Booty Callers - Chasing Cars
    Dirty Boys - Lick Me
    89ers - The 89ers Boy
    The Naughty Boyz - 9pm

    February '08
    BIG MIX - The 9th Story - The Yearmix Show
    (Yearmix 2007)

    March '08
    Magic Mix Vol. 11 - Mixed by DJ Magic

    Alex C feat. Y - *** Doktorspiele
    Cascada - What Hurts the Most
    Beat Bangerz pres. Beowulf - Close To You
    Astrada - Crazy for You
    Scooter - And No Matches
    Manian feat. Aila - Turn the Tide
    DJ Schwede - 6er Bass S?ss Sauer
    Brisby and Jingles - When You Say Nothing At All
    Frank Styles - Die mit dem roten Halsband
    Paffendorf vs. The Real Booty Babes - Smile
    DJ Gollum feat. Felixx - Fairytale Gone Bad
    Rushroom feat. Lara - Better of Alone
    Jan Wayne und Scarlet - Time Stood Still
    Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo - Wonderful Days 2008
    Rocco und Bass T - Tell Me When
    Commercial Club Crew - La Luna
    Kindervater feat. Nadja - Everytime You Need Me
    The Real Booty Babes - Derb
    Bangbros - Arschgesicht
    DJ Dean - If I Could Be You
    Marco van Bassken - Please Don't Go
    Ultra Flirt - I Was Made for Loving You
    Mario Lopez - You Came
    Cane - Walking A Line
    Armin van Buuren - The Sound of Goodbye
    Chris Decay - Shining
    l Faris and Frequenzer - Let It All Out
    Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls
    Bee gees vs. disco Boys - If I Can't Have You
    The Soundlovers - Runaway
    Armin van Helden - I Want Your Soul
    Public Enemie vs. Ferry Corsten - Bring The Noise
    Bob Sinclair and Steve Edwards - Together
    Backdraft - Hey Little Girl
    The Kinky Boyz - The Only Way Is Up
    Lambert and Grineart - Come Back And Stay
    Grooverstylerz - We Are Family
    Discodrive vs. Dave Kurtis - U and Me
    KLM Music feat. Loco - Star I Need A Miracle
    Jessica Simpson - You Spin Me Round
    Mauro Picotto - Evribadi
    The Admirals and Seraphina - Blaue Augen
    2 4 Grooves - Writing On The Wall

    April '08
    Deep Dance 94

    Double Inc - The last Unicorn
    Cascada - What Hurts The Most
    Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger
    Mario Lopez - You Game
    Topmodeiz - Living On A Prayer
    Pulsdriver - Koma Reloaded
    Ma.Bra - The Riddle
    Rushroom feat. Fara - Better Of Alone
    Red Sakura - Take Me Home Tonight
    Varaderos - Beautiful Giris
    Jan Wayne feat Scarlet - Time Stood Still
    Brisby & Jingles - When You Say Nothing At All
    Alexia vs. Double You - Dancing With An Angel
    Frank Styles - Die Mit Dem Roten Halsband
    Yumm Yumm - Happy Day
    Raveboy - Get Up (4 Dancecore)
    Marco van Bassken - Don'i Co
    Jajo & Gith - Kick Down
    Andrew Spencer - To -c; With You
    Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Wonderful Days 2.08
    Bangoros - I Engineer
    Jumping jacks - You Smile
    Scooter - Neverending Story
    Groove Coverage - Summer Rain
    Dan Winter vs. Mayth - Dare Me
    Beat Camouflage vs. Dj Squared - Moving Here Around
    Starsplash - Gold As ice
    Commerciai Club Crew - La Luna
    Galaxy 68 - Neverland
    Astrada - Like An Ocean
    Ravekorr - Million Miles From Home
    Max Deeiay feat. Faith - Boys of Summer
    Kindervater feat. Nadja - Everytime You Need me
    Marc Korn vs. San Danielle - Secret of You
    Deep Spirit feat. Kathy - No cover Song
    Apollo Brothers - One of us
    Scooter - And No Matches
    Scooter - The Question Is What is the Question
    Akira - I Dream
    Brisby & Jingles - Surrender
    Clubticket - Sunshine
    Franky Tunes - Prince Of Love
    Pinball - China In Your Hand
    Micha Moor - Space
    Bangbros - Bang Baby Bang
    SootlicKerz - Summerwine
    Bangbros * Yeah Yeah Yeah
    Aycan - Devided
    Nathalie & Kim Lukas - Change The World
    MYPD feat. Lyz - You're Not Alone
    Deep Spirit - You Are Makin' Me HigH
    Beat Bangerz pres. Boewolf - Close To You
    Vinylworxx feat. Linsy Cartella - Stop loving you
    Straight FLush - Lets All Chant
    Cascada - Miraclei
    Rave Aiistars - The Logical Song
    Dan Winter - Carry Your Heart
    Manian feat. Aila - Heaven
    Groove Coverage - Because I Love You
    Aiex C - Du Hast Den Sch?nsten Arsch
    Bangbros - Arschgesicht

    May '08
    Deep Dance 114.5

    Melbourne Shufflers - The Shuffle
    Cascada - What Do You Want From Me
    Headlinerz - Heat Of The Night
    Marco Van Bassken - The Riddle
    Lazard - I Am Alive
    Manian - Hold Me Tonight
    X-Treme DJ Team - Tanz Mit Mir
    Punk Freakz - The Rebel
    Luca Zeta - Don't Forget It
    Alex C. Feat. Yass - Ein Bisschen Nymphoman
    Liz Meyer - All I Want
    Dj Shog - Get Out (Of My Way)
    Salty Fish - In The Air Tonight
    Hampenberg - Acid Disco Plastic Electro
    Dan Winter - Carry Your Heart
    De-Gress vs. The Real Booty Babes - Apologize
    Topmodelz - Why You're Looking Like That
    Ian Carey feat. Michelle Shelters - Keep On Rising
    2 Vibez - Love Is Hard
    Code Red - 18
    Jakouzi - Your Vibe
    Bodybangers - Famous
    Butterfly - Still The One
    Future Trance United pres Cream - You Came
    Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
    Mario Lopez - You Came
    Fabrizio e Marco - Fly Away
    Clubbazz - My Love Your Love
    BeFour - Live Your Dream
    Italobrothers - Where Are You Now

    June '08
    STUDIO 33 - 93rd Story

    Liz Kay - True Faith
    Elektra Forward - Love Delight
    Chris Bates - Jumping Love
    Bazzpitchers - We Are One
    Sun Kidz Feat. Destiny - Wake Up
    Bassrockerz vs. Mabra - DJ Play this Song
    Marc Korn vs. DJ Squared - Summer of Love 2008
    Soulcry - A Life So Changed
    Yanou Feat. Mark Daviz - A Girl Like You
    Manian - Hold Me Tonight
    Mike Nero - Loops and Things 2008
    Sample Rippers - Dissin Tha Viba
    Marco Van Bassken - The Riddle
    Rocco and Bass T - House Time
    Ivory - Ghostbusters
    De Grees Vs the Real Booty Babes - Apologize
    The Real Booty Babes - Played A Life
    DJ Ostkurve - Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)
    Topmodelz - When Youre Looking Like that
    Sia - The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
    Beatplayers vs. Lara Mcallen - Piece of Heaven
    Die Frauen?rzte - Leila (lst Geila)
    Mabra - Where We Are
    Triple Bounce - Talk to Me
    Manian Vs Winter - Black Toys
    Code Red - 18
    Alex C feat. Yass - Ein Bischen Nymphoman
    Marek - Neverland
    Recover Project - Sweet Dreams
    Win Marcinak - Too Shy
    Samanda - Barbie Girl
    Mondotek - Alive
    Daniel Hope - Star
    Crew 7 - Such A Shame
    Basshunter - Now Youre Gone
    Royal Gigolos - Girl Just Wanna Dance

    July '08
    Deep Dance 115

    Pimp Code - Booming Track
    Cascada - What Do You Want From Me
    Drillheadz - Ab Geht Die Post
    Steve H - Dont Stop Dancing
    Manian - Hold Me Tonight
    Overdrive Division - Paradise
    Xtreme DJ Team - Tanz Mit Mir
    Yanou feat. Mark Daviz - A Girl Like You
    Luca Zeta - Dont Forget It
    DJ Fait - Hold on To Dream
    Clubbticket - I Belive In Love
    Issue Feat. Keira Green - Open Your Eye
    Liz Meyer - All I Want
    Solar Patrol - Shame
    Topmodelz - When Youre Looking Like That
    Alex Megane - Something
    Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away
    Future Trance United Pres Cream - You Came
    2 Vibez - Love is Hard
    4 Clubbers - Together
    Clubbazz - My Love Your Love
    The Real Booty Babes - Played a Live
    Danzel - What Is Life
    Italobrothers - Where Are You Now
    Filo and Peri - The Anthem
    Baker and Linden - Sex on the Streets
    Showtek - Seid Ihr Bereid
    Abel Ramos - One More
    Don Deejay - No. 1
    Bassraiders - Ravelution
    A Nice - Orange Split
    DJ Isaac - Go Insane
    Deaz D - Tonight Is The Night
    SveNRG - Going Crazy
    DJ Digress - Follow Up
    Canarias 2001 - VIva Canarias

    August '08
    Deep Dance 116

    Jan Wayne & Scarlet - Wish You Where Here
    Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted
    Room Service - Wer F***** Will Muss Freundlich Sein
    Ultrabeat Feat. Darren Styles - Sure Feels Good
    Mike Nero - Loops & Tings
    Double Inc. - The Last Unicorn
    Chris Bates - Jumping Love
    Bassrockerz pres. Elena - Surrender
    Rob Mayth - Herz An Herz (Heart To Heart)
    Verano - The Rhythm Of The Night
    Mario Lopez - The One And Only
    Junkfood Junkies - Hardcore
    Blogbusters - Forever Young
    Millenium 54 - Don't Want To Miss Anything
    Dj Jago vs. Sej - Surrender
    Aunt Mary- Right Into The Weekend
    Daisy Dee -The Summer Is Magic
    Baracuda-i Will Love Again
    Topmodelz - Have You Ever Been Mellow
    Rocco & Bass-T - I Can't Take It
    Mark 'OH - I Don't Like Mondays
    Lazard - I Am Alive
    Kate Ryan - Ella Elle L'a
    Dan Winter - Get This Party Started
    Milk Inc - Forever
    Gabriel Delgado - Road To The Light
    Captain Hollywood - More & More
    Velvet - Deja Vu

    September '08
    STUDIO 33 - 94th Story

    Sogo 5 - Cool Winds
    Magnetic - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
    C. Van Dutch Meets Floorfilla - India Jump
    Blogbusters - Forever Young
    Sample Rippers - Hardcore Vibes
    A. Spencer - I Need A Hero
    The Vain Boy - Forever Us
    Rebecca I - I Need You to Be Here
    Alex Megane - Something
    Bazz Boyz - Time is Ticking
    DJ Somy - Let's Go
    Liz Meyer - All I Want
    E-Type - True Believer
    Baracuda - I Will Love Again
    Kate & Ben - 2 Herzen
    Device - Africa
    Lazard - I Am Alive
    Tom Pulse - Turn Me on
    Brisby & Jingles - L'amour Toujours
    Punkrockerz - I Won't Forget You
    Jens 0. - Move Mania
    Kate Ryan - Ella Elle La
    Skyscreeper - Let's Go Again
    Alex C Feat. Yass - Du Bist So Porno
    Heinz Vs. Fully G - Tante Hedwig
    Charlene - Ready to Fly
    S-M Trax - Got to Be Groove 2008
    Dream Dance Alliance - Spring Forw...
    Room Service - Wer Ficken Will...
    Yoi Va. Aqua - Hush the Red Roses
    DJ Shog - Feel Me (Through the Radio)
    Darude - In the Darkness
    Alien Market - Get to France

    October '08
    STUDIO 33 - 96th Story

    3 Global Players - Daydream
    Handsup Squad vs Sioux DJs - Coin Operated Boy
    DJ Goldfinger - Love Journey Deluxe
    Krocha Dee Jay - Alle Meine Krocha
    Langenhagen - Fischmarkt Mafia
    Mike Nero - Ready To Flow 28
    Brooklyn Bounce - Get Ready to Bounce
    Fantasy Project - One More Time
    Rob Mayth - Herz An Herz
    Reanimator vs Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
    Arsenium - Rumadai
    Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow
    Milk Inc. - Forever
    Manian - Desenchantee
    Kevin Stomper - Lisi
    Piyasiri feat. Raze - Put Your Hands Up
    Red Impact feat. Ildiko - We Love Dancing
    Star Trooper - One in A Million
    Kate Ryan - Sweet Mistake
    Akustikrausch - Diskoschlampe
    4 Strings - Catch A Fall
    Ida Maria - 1 Like You So Much
    Finger & Kadel - Ihr Seid Doch Krank
    Topmodelz - Here I Go Again
    Ah Payami vs War Brothers - Blade
    Sam Sparro - Black and Gold
    Jaybee & DJ Loverhouse - Music
    Sunloverz - Summer Of Love
    A.C.K. & Simon Point - People form Ibiza
    Soul Seekerz vs J Cheeks - Reach For The Love
    Plus 1 - Off the Wall (Enjoy Yourself)
    DJ Assad & Maradja - Summer Lovin
    DONS & Kadoc - The Nighttrain
    Paris Encore - Hungry Eyes
    Garage Jams vs Clare Evers - Snow Flake
    May - Because The Night

    November '08
    STUDIO 33 - 97th Story

    Special D. - You
    Dan Winter - Fading Like A Flower
    Sun Kidz Feat. Sandra - Summer is Calling
    Liz Kay - To France
    Danceforce - The Energy
    Kate Ryan - Surrender
    Nds Vs. Tom E - In These Days
    3 Select Dee Jays - Want Sex
    Paul Brugel - Nobody Likes The Records That I Play
    Bishop Kennedy Feat. Suzanne Carlsson - Believe
    A. Spencer vs. DJ Gollurn - In the Shadows
    Etrusca - Turn Back Time
    Boom - How Do You Do
    Marco Van Bassken Feat. Charlene - What's Up
    Eyeopener - Singing Dam Di Da Doo
    Rimini Project - Why Don't You Play Louder
    Micky Modelle Vs. Samantha Murnba - Gotta Tell Ya
    Master Blaster - Everywhere
    Sash Feat. Stunt - Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)
    The Carrnel Club - Mama Say Mama Sa 2008
    Styleshaker - Remember the Time
    Basshunter - Angel In the Night
    Commercial Bitches - Party People
    Macfly - Deep
    Clubliners - Herz an Herz
    The Real Booty Babes - Do Not Laugh
    Red Sakura - Tell Me
    Topmodelz - Maniac
    Brisby & Jingles - The House of the Rising Sun
    Lasgo - Out of My Mind
    Cascada - Faded
    Novy Vs. Eniac - Superstar 2008
    Michael Mind - Show Me Love
    Crew 7 - Get the Partv Started
    Astrada - Tonight
    DJ Ella - Welcome to the Club
    Splash - W?nsch Dir Was
    Colonia - Sexy Body 2008
    Green Stuff - Oh Ja

    December '08
    STUDIO 33 - 98th Story

    The Real Booty Babes - Kissed A Girl
    Scooter Vs. Status Quo - Jump that Rock
    Discotronic - Shooting Star
    D-Tune Vs. Sunic V.I.D.S. - The Time
    Disco Bee - It's My Party
    Bangbros - Happy Hour
    The Hitmen - Young and Free
    Nightstalkers - Feel the Heat
    N Force - All My Life
    De-Grees - Believe
    Megara Vs. DJ Lee - Paradise
    Andrew Spencer Vs. Lazard - Here Without You
    Groove Enforcers - A Little Closer
    Destino - Dreams Come True
    Jumpheadz - Die Wiistenkarawane
    Deejay Deelight - Promised Myself
    DJ Rad Feat. Zoe - Sweet Serenity
    Arnie B. - Another Story
    Brooklyn Bounce - Crazy
    Jeckyll & Hyde Feat. DJ Alligator - Freefall
    Lunatic Djs - Believe in Future
    Commercial Club Crew - Sakura Girl
    Marc Korn - Le Pardon
    Gigi D'agostino - L'amour Toujours 08
    Cascada - Endless Summer
    Britney Spears - Womanizer
    Dream Dance Alliance - Overnight
    Star Trooper - Angelia
    Sandbox - Do it Again
    Rio & Peri with Eric Lumiere - Shine on
    Fawni - Chasing Cars
    Double You - Dance with an Angel 2008
    Katy Perry - Hot N Cold
    Fragma - Memory
    Belmod & Parker - On the Move
    Fonsecavs. Lane - Afterparty
    Mr. Pink Feat. Rama June - What is Love
    Cervin Rotane - Believe 2008
    2-4 Grooves - Like the Way I Do
    Sunset Strippers - Step Right Up
    Global Playboyz - Aint No Mountain High Enough
    Pulsedriver - Youth of the Nation
    Jay Frog - Flug Auf Dem Gluecksdrachen
    Dr. Alban Vs. Haddaway - I Love the 90s
    The Disco Boys - Shadows
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